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kinda wanna go on a date, kinda wanna get hit by a truck too 

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WICKED  |  ( listen )

Songs for girls with oscillating hips and glimmering smiles; for the little death smeared upon their red, red lips and the witchcraft on their tongues.

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No net ensnares me

Isobel Adderley (UK)     Collages

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i dont have a good side im just equally ugly all over

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do vampires just use their teeth to make a puncture wound and then suck, or are their fangs like a straw

i havent slept in three days


by Annija Muižule 

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My body is tired and I’m tired of my body.

Me everyday (via hai-lei)

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Being an adult is realizing that $5,000 is a lot of money to owe and very little money to own.

this is real

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And all I can taste is this moment

And all I can breathe is your life

Mist and shadow; cloud and shade.
All shall fade. All shall… fade.

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Aragorn&Arwen // Kili&Tauriel


(adjective) In the list of one of the most 100 beautiful words in the English language, ineffable’s beauty lies in its flowing sound and meaning. Ineffable describes the sentiment of being unable to express something in words because it is too extreme to communicate; words cannot possibly do justice at this particular moment.  (via wordsnquotes)

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there’s a difference between “lazy” and “i don’t want to fucking do that shit”